25 July 1992

Master’s diploma

Ceremonial handover of the master’s diploma in the theatre by the Minister of Labour, to Mr Pinto Paulo.
23 December 1992


Opening of the Pinto plant in Diekirch, with an employee.
18 February 1994


The merger of Paulo Pinto and Alfredo Fernandes into the company “Electro Pinto Fernandes”, as well as the move to the new premises in Rollingergrund and the increase in staff to 2 employees.
02 August 1999

Separation of society

Separation from partner Alfredo Fernandes and formation in Electro Pinto S.A.R.l, as well as the relocation of the company premises to Diekirch, as well as the increase of the staff to 4 employees.
01 January 2001

Completion of office and storage rooms

First purchase of today’s office and warehouse building in Gilsdorf, as well as the increase of the staff to 8 employees.
23 December 2002


10 years old, the Frima Electro PINTO S.A.R.l.
02 July 2007

Human resources

Honour of the first employee for the 10-year company affiliation.
10 January 2011

Human resources

Honoring 3 other employees for their 10-year membership of the company.
23 December 2012


20 years of the company Electro PINTO S.A.R.l, as well as the honoring of 2 other employees for the 10 years of company membership.
01 January 2013

Personal expansion

Increase in staff to 18.
23 December 2017


25 years old, the company Electro PINTO S.A.R.l. Honoring the first employee for the 20-year-old company membership, as well as increasing the staff to 39 employees.
23 December 2018

Human resources

Honour ingestion of another employee for the 10-year company affiliation.
01 January 2023

company building

Electro PINTO S.à.r.l. moves to new premises in Larochette to expand its activities.
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