Electrical controls

Professional electrical controls for greater safety

Electrical installations must be checked periodically by law. In residential buildings, for example, the gap between the prescribed controls is 20 years, in the case of commercial buildings 10 years and for special installations or on construction sites 1 year.

As a certified and independent control body, we carefully and expertly check your low-voltage system. We carry out various visual and functional tests as well as precisely defined measurements. If your system complies with the regulations and standards, you will receive the necessary safety certificate (SiNa) from us. In the event of defects, we will write an appropriate inspection report and also monitor the rectification by the electrical installation company you have chosen.

Of course, we also carry out acceptance and final inspections of new electrical installations and check your system in case of extensions or hand changes. This will give you the assurance that your installation will work safely and reliably.

Our services in the field of electrical controls:

  • Periodic controls of existing installations
  • Acceptance and final inspections of new installations
  • Checks for extensions or hand changes
  • Create inspection reports and safety evidence
  • Device testing according to VDE 0701 and 0702

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