Escape route protection

Escape route protection

Safe emergency exits that save lives


Nothing like getting out! In an emergency, it can’t go fast enough. Then escape or Allow emergency exit doors to open easily and without any help from others in the direction of escape.

However, what serves the safety of people often contradicts the company’s need for effective door locking and control.

The installation of an escape door control system provides a remedy for this. Electromagnetic or electromechanical solutions with centralized monitoring adapt to individual requirements.

In the event of an emergency, automatic unlocking and unlocking of doors and escape routes must function smoothly. In many cases, the daily or normal use of escape routes for security reasons and to protect sensitive information or prevent theft is not permitted because monitoring is not possible. In case of danger, however, the activation must be fully automatic. In the systems we use, an automatic emergency release of the fire doors is triggered via a hazard alarm system (GMA).

As a certified system partner, Electro Pinto s.a.rl is responsible for the periodic monitoring and maintenance of installed fire doors and hazard alarm systems for products from DORMA or other manufacturers. This is because escape route protection systems must be kept operational at all costs and checked for proper operation at least once a month.

Escape door control system and hazard alarm systems

The installation of an escape door control system or a hazard alarm system is absolutely necessary for an escape route protection. The electromagnetic or electromechanical signals are transmitted to the escape path components via the systems and the release process is started. The GMA can also take on other tasks.

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