Smoke-free systems

Smoke and heat extraction systems

RWA protect the building fabric

In the event of a fire, a closed room, a building or a hall is quickly completely squalid by smoke and toxic fire gases. Escape and rescue routes are thus blocked and impassable for the persons in the building and the external rescue workers. In addition, there is a possible severe heat build-up, which can damage the building structure so badly that a total loss of the building can often not be prevented.

We offer the assembly, repair and maintenance of pneumatic and electrical smoke and heat extraction systems. Our fitters have RWA proof of expertise.

Two systems – pneumatic or electric

The pneumatic RWA is independent of a power supply and can still trigger even in the event of a complete power failure. The triggering is also a currentless mechanism, which is controlled by the temperature (glass piston or melting solder). Thus, the pneumatic RWA is possible as an autonomous system.

The electric version, on the other hand, offers multiple benefits and can also be used for ventilation and ventilation of building parts via various controls. Modules for automated control can, for example, also be equipped with rain and wind sensors, which cause automatic closing in bad weather. In principle, the electrical systems are used manually or via fire or Smoke detectors – but also offer the manual possibility. 

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