Home smarter

How your home becomes smarter, safer and more energy efficient

Atmospheric light scenes at the touch of a button, roller shutters and blinds controlled depending on daylight as well as a room temperature that automatically adapts to the current weather conditions and usage – the possibilities of an intelligent house control are almost unlimited. However, the concept of “intelligent living” not only brings an increase in comfort, but also significantly increases the energy efficiency, flexibility and security of your home.

We would be pleased to show you how building technology, multimedia devices and even electrical household appliances can be networked with state-of-the-art bus technology and can be operated and controlled via a single comfortable interface – even on the go if desired. We design and install an overall system for you that is precisely tailored to your individual needs and wishes and can also be flexibly adapted to changing terms of use later on.

Our intelligent living services:

  • Well-founded expert advice and needs analysis
  • Creating overall concepts
  • Installation, commissioning and documentation
  • Maintenance
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