Video surveillance equipment

Everything under control at a glance

Data protection-compliant video surveillance is a challenge for many companies in view of the stricter legal requirements. On the one hand, data is reliably needed to monitor office and industrial facilities, and on the other hand, there are high legal hurdles. Electro Pinto s.a.r.l can use innovative software methods to provide the needs for security and privacy in complete solutions with different features.

In addition to consulting, our services include the design of video surveillance systems as well as the installation and maintenance of the technical equipment as well as the maintenance and instruction in the application software.

Safety, evaluation and optimization

The use of surveillance cameras is still controversial among the public and among employees – but it is undisputed that they have a positive effect on subjective security perceptions and reduce economic damage, especially in trade. With new systems, people can, for example, anonymised and through targeted communication, confidence in surveillance systems can be strengthened. Integrated security and communication concepts are particularly important here – Electro Pinto s.a.rl draws on many years of experience in the implementation of projects with security monitoring systems.

Optimization of e.g. Running behavior by means of captured camera data is a still young field and is increasingly supported by our systems. 

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